Saturday, September 13, 2014

Baking Saturday

Usually I wait until Sundays to make things in large batches, since that seems like the day you should! But Sunday is Judah's only day off, so I decided I should try to do that on Saturdays instead.

It also helped that I wanted to make Homemade Brown Sugar Cinnamon Poptarts for our anniversary tomorrow morning! By the way, check out that link. They take a bit of effort, but these homemade pop tarts are SO worth it. Once I make them a few times, I will probably post the recipe step by step myself, but for now refer to Sally's Baking Addiction's original post. SO GOOD!

I also have been lacking with stand-by lunch items, though I am incredibly proud to say that Judah takes a salad nearly everyday now :D So I decided to make a big batch of pizza dough and make my spinach calzones. I figure with 1/3 whole wheat flour in the dough and putting spinach in them makes them healthier ;)  They also taste great, freeze easily, and work well for Judah to bring to work.

I still want to make waffles today and I accidentally mixed the egg wash with the pop tart filling, so I need to make some oatmeal muffins to use that up. My bad...

I'm glad that I have finally been able to keep our food bill down this month! We've been spending nearly $500/month, which is ridiculous for two people, especially when vegetables only cost me about $80 for the month, including what I buy for the guinea pigs. To be fair, last month a lot of the grocery bill went towards stocking up on canned goods, which has helped lower this month, but I know we are way lower than we usually are! We've been eating many more vegetables too, which has been great. Dinner typically consists of a meat or beans and then two or three types of veggies. I am also making everything homemade. Bread, ice cream, tortillas, cookies/desserts, pizza dough. I would love to make my own pasta, but I haven't been that adventurous yet! Plus we have about five pounds of it laying around.. That makes me feel great. My only wish would be to have my own garden so I can control my own produce, but unfortunately that won't happen until we settle down or at least know we will be in a place long enough to have one. If I had planned it out, I think I could have had a garden here. Maybe next year :)

I'm nervous for my interview tonight. I almost wanted to cancel it, but I figure the worst that happens is I don't get the job or I get it and don't want it so I tell them no. But I do seriously need to find something to take up more of my time while we are here so I might as well go interview tonight and see if I like it.

I can't give much detail at this time, but we found out the other night that Judah's mom has cancer. It does appear to be advanced and the prognosis is not good, but I am sure there are lots more tests and discussions that need to take place before anything is finalized. Please if you could include her and Judah's family in your prayers as we navigate through this difficult time.

I hate cancer. I've been incredibly fortunate that it has not affected my life until two months ago when my mom was diagnosed, but I feel its presence now and it is an evil, devastating disease. Having another loved one stricken with this terrible ailment makes me wish I had the right degree to go into cancer research and find a cure for it. I really like the image I found above.

"The Lord will fight for you, you need only be still"
- Exodus 14:14

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  1. As you know, Marilyn is in my prayers. I hate cancer too. It takes too many good people way too early in life and that simply isn't fair. OTOH, if someone has to get it, I'm glad it was me and not you or your sister or your Dad, etc. Because I learned so many years ago when you were in junior high, cancer can't choose my attitude and I choose to be happy and know that I will win my battle. So I'm sending strength and healing vibes to all those who need some extra.

    BTW, if I don't want brown sugar pop tarts, can I just add some jam instead?

    Love you! Mom