Saturday, September 20, 2014

A Day In the Life of Pipeline

Last Sunday, Judah and I shared a great day together celebrating our 3 month anniversary :D It was a gorgeous day too! 

We began the day watching Dr. Charles Stanley for home church while eating the delicious Brown Sugar Cinnamon Poptarts I had made. Then we went to a local coffee shop my friend Lindsay had introduced me to earlier in the week. I tried their Frozen Mocha Frapuccino, which was 10x better than the ones at Starbucks! Judah was boring and got a plain cappuccino :P Then we went to check out Oglebay Park. I was able to show Judah the ducklings we saw on Tuesday, and we also saw about ten deer, some turtles in the pond, and had a great time walking around the park.

Such a beautiful day! After stopping by the AT&T store to dispute something on our bill, Judah asked if I wanted to see the right of way where they were working. He had never taken me to see it, so I said yes!

After spending 30 minutes driving back into the middle of nowhere...

(L) The hill they were currently working on
(R) That's his tractor, called a side boom. 

(R) The hill they had just come down
(L) Some joints of pipe behind him

(R) More pipe - they call it stockpile since they're all sitting together
(L) Standing at the foot of the hill in the first pic

We only climbed to the first ridge and this was the view from there
I told Judah he couldn't pay me enough to drive a tractor up and down that hill

(R) Looking up to the rest of that big hill. No thanks!
(L) The side view of Judah's side boom. He painted his skid basket pink :D

It was fun getting to see where he works everyday. Still can't believe the terrain they need to drive up and down! But that's why they get paid well. And it may be in the middle of nowhere, but he does get to see some pretty views too. 

All in all I thought it was a great day :D


  1. I had just asked your Mom a couple days ago- what does Judah do at work. Thank you so much for including us on your visit. It was fascinating.
    Love to you both, Nana