Tuesday, September 16, 2014


I am beyond excited to share something with you guys today! Those of you who know me personally, know that I am not a girly girl AT ALL. I wear makeup maybe once a month, the only earrings I wear regularly are my cartilage piercings because I never take them out, and my daily outfit is a tank top/unisex tshirt and shorts/capris/yoga pants. Dressing up for me consists wearing my cowboy boots,  jeans, and a form-fitted shirt ;P

So, when I am telling you about a beauty product that I have fallen in love with, it's a pretty big deal and you should listen!

Introducing: Jamberry!

They are adhesive nail wraps that you apply directly to your nails. Their website touts that these wraps last up to 2 weeks on nails and 4 weeks on toes. All you need is a cuticle pusher, scissors, nail file, and a heat source (hair dryer is perfect) to apply these nails!

These are the four wraps I ordered:

L to R: Take Aim, Glitz, Lotus, Puppy Love

I was invited by one of my mentors from college to her Jamberry Party on Facebook. I had never heard of this product, but the consultant, Caty, was sharing lots of posts and hosting games for us to participate in. I messaged her my address and she sent me a sample to try out myself!

You're asked to take the "seven day challenge", where you place the Jamberry sample on one nail and paint the rest. The concept is that within one week, the jam will hold up better than your regular nail polish. After just two days, the jamicure won out!

By day seven, half my polish was gone and my jams were still looking great! I didn't apply my left one very well and incessant picking at it had caused the edges to raise up, but it still held on and looked good the entire week!

Today I received my order in the mail (it took seven days) and I could not wait to try out a full jamicure! 

My mom suggested I try Glitz (top), but Puppy Love (bottom) was my favorite, so I combined the two. Start to finish, the process took me one hour to put these on. It was my second time applying these and I wanted to take my time to make sure they last! I've talked to people more experienced with the wraps and they say it usually takes them 40 minutes total. I was watching an hour long tv show so it was perfect for me :)

Ready for the best part? Each sheet costs $15 and since you only need to use half a strip, you can get two manis and pedis out of each sheet! Do keep in mind that your nails may fit only certain sizes, but still, how much do you pay for a mani/pedi? At least $30 usually and do they last two weeks? In my experience, the only manicure that lasted two weeks was the gel polish, and that cost an extra $20 anyways. Also, if you buy three sheets, you get the 4th free! So for about $50 bucks (tax + S&H), you can get up to eight mani/pedis! Yup, I was sold. I now have a list of about fifteen other designs I want to order! In case you were wondering, they have over 300 designs on their site. 

Needless to say, I am sold on this product. So much so that I signed up to host my own Jamberry party next month! :) Feel free to check out Caty's online store, but try not to order anything until my party. I plan to invite most of my female Facebook friends to check them out. I will definitely be purchasing some as Christmas gifts :D

Readers: Have you heard of/tried Jamberry nails? Check out Caty's site, click on "shop", and share which Jams are your favorite!

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